New Name, New Site

While MoPho' Games was nice while it lasted, I've decided it was long overdue for a rebrand. The new brand is shinier, more memorable, and has a better logo design to go with it. Goodbye, MoPho' Games. Hello, JetFist Games.

To go with the rebrand, I've also got a new website. Now, my first inclination was to use Wordpress, naturally - I mean, Wordpress is pretty damn ubiquitous as a site/blog engine. But despite it's ubiquity and huge community, I really f***ing hate Wordpress. It's showing its age. It was obviously designed from the start to be a blogging platform, but over the years it has gathered massive amounts of cruft. The PHP behind it is an arcane mess, and good luck making any meaningful modifications to a theme.

So, I thought there had to be a better way. There was always building a static site - but I didn't like that idea. It would mean having to build each piece of functionality myself. I'm a lazy guy, and I don't know the first thing about making blog platforms or anything like that, so that option was off the table from the get go. Then there was Jekyll. At first, I liked the idea of Jekyll - it's a static site generator that takes templated HTML/CSS and spits out static pages. There were even community-made addons for blog posts and things like that. However, Jekyll runs on Ruby (which isn't supported by GoDaddy's shared hosting), and is furthermore a complete pain in the ass to install. Not to mention everything is in text files, which isn't ideal for scalability. So Jekyll, too, goes in the proverbial trash bin.

Then I encountered October CMS. October is a really cool platform and I'm not sure why more people haven't heard of it - it's actually got a similar idea to Jekyll in that it takes templated HTML/CSS files and spits out finished pages. However, not only is it built on PHP (which means it runs on GoDaddy's shard hosting), it also has:

  • A complete administrator dashboard (which can be extended with plugins)
  • A really clean plugin system (with plenty of community plugins to be downloaded)
  • A theme system which allows you to install site files from a theme (and all of the HTML/CSS of that theme is just ready and available for you to edit)
  • Page templates and partials (templates are HTML files which "wrap" around a page's contents, and partials are basically like snippets of HTML that can be pasted into a page)
  • The ability to code custom PHP directly for specific pages (which makes custom page functionality really quite convenient)

Among other features. Basically, it's like what would happen if you combined the syntax and concepts of Jekyll with the backend power of Wordpress done right. The nice part of all of this is that I don't have to mess with text files to update the site, but on the other hand it also just lets me use raw HTML and CSS rather than some blog-specific markup syntax that I have to actively fight in order to render some custom elements on the page.

With all of those features, October quickly became the obvious choice for me to build the new JetFist Games site. So here it is! I hope you all enjoy the new site, and I'm looking forward to seeing where JetFist Games goes in the future.

Happy gaming, everybody.

Posted in Announcements on Mar 22, 2016

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